Pulp Eco
Who we are ?

Who we are ?

Pulp Eco is a reunionese company which was created in 2019 with the main project of kraft paper mill in Reunion Island. Our company wants to create the necessary tools to recycle cellulosic materials and to transform them into new 100% recycled and 100% recyclable products.

Our missions

  • Kraft paper mill Development of a factory for the production of « dehydrated fibers » from cardboard to be recycle.
  • Conseils aux entreprises par la gérante de l'usine Helping companies that wish to move towards a more environmentally friendly management of their waste.
  • Exportation de l'usine vers l'international Export through trade of materials to be recycled (plastic, waste paper and scrap metal) which can’t be treated in Reunion Island.
  • Collaboration usine-BA ECO Collaboration with our company sister, BA ECO, to develop the utilisation of building materials for second works and outdoor furniture.

Our values

Création d'une économie circulaire grâce à l'usine L'usine travaille main dans la main avec les centres de tri et de traitement. Pulp Eco accompagne les entreprises vers une meilleure gestion de leurs déchets. La société Pulp Eco est transparente avec ses salariés, les citoyens, ses parties prenantes et ses clients.

  • Respect for environnement : we’re acting in favor of a healthy future for Reunion Island.
  • Acting together : the waste sorting and treatment centers are key elements for the future of the kraft paper mill. They provide us the raw material necessary for the proper functioning of the process.
  • Complete our missions
  • Transparency

It’s together that we will build this circular economy.


Liens utiles

BA ECO company :

Kraft paper mill : https://pulpeco.fr/factory

International : https://pulpeco.fr/international