Pulp Eco
Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Our vision

Pulp Eco is a waste recycling company based in Reunion Island. Established in the year 2019, the company’s primary target is to build and operate an industrial cardboard recycling plant. The company is also involved in global trading of various grades of Metal/Plastic/Paper waste for recycling purposes. 

Our missions

  • Commissioning and operation of a plant for the production of « dehydrated fibers » from waste cardboard of Reunion and Mayotte origin, following the global trend of moving towards a more environmentally friendly management of their waste.
  • Trading of waste materials (plastic, paper and scrap metal) which cannot be processed in Reunion Island.
  • Joint association with our sister company M/s. BA ECO to develop and promote the use of construction finishing material and outdoor furniture made out of recycled plastic.

Our target for the future

Pulp Eco will present an opportunity for value addition in Reunion Island. Furthermore, our plant will employ 35 people ranging from an engineer’s position to polyvalent agents. In addition to the direct jobs, about thirty indirect job opportunities will be created subsequent to commencing of production.

Our values

Création d'une économie circulaire grâce à l'usine de recyclage de carton.

  • Eco-sensitive:  We will be instrumental in creating a healthy environmental future for the Reunion Island.
  • Working together: the sorting and processing centers with the support of the local authorities, as well as the operators of the market economy, will be the key elements for the future of the plant. All necessary raw material required for the proper functioning of the process will be procured from them.
  • Commitment: we are committed to creating a better and greener future for generation next through our missions.
  • Transparency : Honesty and dogalty towards all our partners worldwide.

Together we will build this circular economy.